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Story telling

Our first goal is to make you happy, but our second is to tell your story in a way that will last a lifetime. (These often go hand in hand).

full coverage

We film every wedding as if we're editing a deluxe video because you never know when something special will happen!


Our favorite thing to do is include some of the couple's personality in every video. It makes things more memorable and realistic which translates into a timeless keepsake.


Each video we make is hand crafted for you and your lifetime partner.

Choose the perfect Video package

Ultimately, we can tailor any quote to your specific wants or needs, but these are our starting points. 




  • 4-6 minutes in length
  • Video clips of day's events
  • Audio from speeches and ceremony
  • "Highlights" video with music


Full length

  • 8-10 minutes in length
  • Includes more footage from the day
  • Speeches and ceremony audio guides the video
  • Video tells a narrated story


feature length

  • 20+ minutes in length
  • Full ceremony included
  • Personal stories from the couple about each other
  • Best way to capture the day!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Depending on the needs of the event and our availability, we may have to pull some extra hands to help capture the day.

This can depend on the package you order, but typically anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months if we are particularly busy. We strive to deliver all videos within a month after the event!

Yes, deposits are required since we sometimes have to rent extra equipment or pay for travel to the event. This number varies based on a few factors such as package type, location, or add-ons, but it’s usually around $500 due at signing.

The remaining payment (total minus deposit) is due any time between the ceremony and receiving the edited video. We will not deliver the video until the final payment is made, but this gives you some extra time to regroup and maybe even use some of that wedding gift money to help.

Unfortunately, these are not typically included. Our videos are known to be very accurate and inclusive of the events throughout the day, which makes the raw files irrelevant for most cases. The deluxe package has the entire ceremony included, which blends a highlight feel with full-day coverage. If that is still not enough to satisfy your desires, the raw files can be provided as an add-on with an additional cost.

If you have a question not covered in our FAQ, click here! -> Contact Us 

Amazing - must hire
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We decided to get a videographer about a month before the wedding. We were looking for someone within our price range and we were able to work with Luke to get exactly what we wanted at an excellent price. As for the service - Luke and his team are amazing. Easy to work with and reliable for the event. Came with 2 camera operators and a 3rd stationary camera. As for the final product - WOAH. Just incredible. Captured our big day beautifully and I can't recommend them enough. Loved the video and so very happy we hired More than Media to be our videographer - you should definitely hire them too!
Best wedding video!!!
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More than Media did a beautiful job capturing our big day. They made sure to capture all the classic shots and unique ones. We opted to have a mini interview of my husband and I which made for a fun addition to the video. They were very prompt in getting the video finished. When they delivered the video, it was presented in a beautiful keepsake box. The flash drive had a picture from our wedding and is something we will keep forever. I highly recommend hiring More than Media for your big day!

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Basic Package

We're still growing and haven't filmed a Basic Package yet. Checkout our Deluxe Package!

Standard Package

We're still growing and haven't filmed a Standard Package yet. Checkout our Deluxe Package!

Deluxe Package

Cozzi Wedding - July 6th, 2019

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A large majority of wedding videos we see lately are all the same. Everything in slow motion, basic music, and some audio from the speeches or ceremony over-top of everything. These are great for social media, but don’t really help you relive how you actually felt on your wedding day when you watch it back in 10, 20, or 60 years. We are always looking for unique angles, different ways to include audio from the day, how to incorporate more emotion into a short video, and plenty more to improve each video we make. We want the video we create to be something you always have, and is just the way you like it so please let us know what you envision and we’ll help you make the perfect keepsake.


A lot of wedding videos, especially highlight videos, focus too much on making things look cool and lose track of the whole point – showing the couple’s personality. A video is way more interesting if it has some of that raw emotion in it, because it shows a much more accurate representation of your relationship. We make it a goal to scatter your personality throughout, so you always something to look back on how you two used to be around this time in your life.

Full Coverage

There’s so much that happens over the course of the day, and it’s our job to cover it all. We film everything as if we’re making a 30 minute, feature length video, which means that we have a lot of footage to chose from. Additionally, you’re able to upgrade packages at any point; if a week after your wedding you get all that wedding money and decide you want more than the basic (4-6 minute) video, no worries! This allows for the video to turn out exactly how you want. 

*Additional fees may apply

Story Telling

The whole point of having a videographer at a wedding is to have a video that tells your story. Many people think that a wedding video is just supposed to represent the day you get married, but we have your video show the love that has built over the months and years. The end result creates a time capsule that you can look to throughout the rest of your lives together.

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