Luke Molloy

Luke Molloy recently finished school at Purdue University with a degree in Acoustical Engineering. He has been filming videos with his family and friends since elementary school, and has played in different music groups for just as long. Luke enjoys seeing every part of the video come together while editing in post production, and likes to bring something new to the table each time.

Charles Hearn

Charles Hearn graduated last year with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Iowa. He joins us with 17 years of music experience, both playing and writing a wide variety of genres. He loves movies and the art of complimenting visuals with emotional soundtracks. Charles will be in charge of the musical aspects of our videos and movies, and is excited for what’s to come.

Jack Cozzi

Jack Cozzi is a graduate from Kansas University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He grew up watching horror movies and reading comics non-stop. That being said, writing is a huge passion of his so he will take the lead on most of the writing for More Than Media. He’s looking forward to seeing his ideas come to life and sharing them with you!

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