Comedy at its finest

(videos Below)

Investor Pitch (Total Failure!)

More Than Media attempts to convince big investors to back them as they continue making top notch content.

DO NOT Ask Dads To Help You Move In

Inspired heavily by those that raised us, the boys turn to men as they re-enact how all dads are whenever there's a big move-in.

The Bachelor

The Pasty Boys, More Than Media's rap group, drop their first music video based on true events. More music coming soon!

We Caught Them Faking Videos

Watch as the crew completely exposes another Youtube channel for faking their ghost videos. One of our best videos to date!

Bean Review (30,000+ BEANS)

The gang reviews way too many beans one by one. Join us in this comedy special filled with plenty of laughs.

Real McDonald's Reactions

Charlie contemplates all aspects of life and the purpose of human existence as he struggles to recover from an incident at the local McDonald's (not sponsored).